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Accelerate piano lessons with Piano Lab Helsinki

People often believe that the best way to learn piano is one-to-one, because traditional group learning means that progress is only as fast as the slowest learner.


The problem with that thinking is, since the invention of digital pianos and headphones, it’s been possible for one teacher to teach multiple students, with everyone learning at their own speed.


The truth is, learning in a group in this way actually has many positive effects!

Benefits of Piano Lab Helsinki

These benefits include:

  • Faster progress. Music is learned in the lesson, and students learn how to practise, which results in quicker progress.

  • Better note-reading. Self-reflective work increases confidence and results in better note reading from the start.

  • Increased confidence. Faster progress, stronger learning skills, and self-reflective work boosts confidence.

  • Reduced anxiety. Students have freedom & privacy to work things out on their own, but still have expert help on hand when needed.

  • Thriving community. Students are motivated by others’ hard work and have a chance to make musical friends, which makes the experience even more fun!


And if that wasn’t enough, lesson time is double what you would get for the same price of a one-to-one lesson. You can check out the prices here.


So that, my friends, is why Piano Lab Helsinki was born, and why you have a chance to experience this way of learning.


So if you want to accelerate piano learning -- and maximise fun -- get in touch today!

Piano Lessons with Barry is dedicated to providing inspirational piano lessons for adults & children in Itäkeskus & Herttoniemi. We believe musical education should be fun and available to everyone. Find out more at

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