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Test your fingers with Piano Lab Helsinki Live!

Do you want to learn piano? Do you want to see how easy it is to play some songs? Piano Lab Helsinki Live gives the chance for beginners of all ages to learn piano skills with British piano teacher Barry Bermingham - for absolutely free.

In the event you will:


 ✅ Learn piano playing basics,

 ✅ Play your first song within minutes of starting,

 ✅ Learn 5-10 songs,

 ✅ Enjoy practising your new skills.


These free events are suitable for anyone with an interest in music, ages 5 to 105. Barry speaks English, however with a little help Piano Lab can be enjoyed by anyone who can read numbers 1 to 5.

Previous hosts have included Helsinki Day, Helsinki's Multicultural Fair, and India Day.

Upcoming Piano Lab Helsinki Live events:

Previous events

Piano Lessons with Barry is dedicated to providing inspirational piano lessons for adults & children around Helsinki. We believe musical education should be fun and available to everyone.

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