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English piano teacher Herttoniemi Helsinki Barry Bermingham.webp
English piano teacher Herttoniemi Helsinki Barry Bermingham.webp

Piano lessons in Herttoniemi

Every success starts with a dream, and Piano with Barry is about dreaming big. It started when an English piano teacher moved to Herttoniemi, East Helsinki, and has quickly grown with students coming from all over Helsinki and beyond.


I'm a friendly British piano teacher living and teaching in East Helsinki. Growing up, I was fortunate to learn piano and other instruments, receiving a broad musical background from exceptionally talented teachers and performing experiences. Their inspiration filled me with a joy and confidence that I still carry with me today, and -- as the years go by -- I take great pleasure in giving to the next generation of students.


My dream is to improve the opportunities of aspiring musicians, adults and children, by helping people like you to bring their heart's dreams and ambitions to life - just as my teachers did for me. It's about providing inspiring piano lessons to young and old minds, beginners and the more experienced, that lead students step-by-step up the ladder of musical excellence. It's about creating a more musical Helsinki today - and tomorrow.

Piano with heart - Piano with mind - Piano with Barry.

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